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Church of Saint Tryphon

The church of St. Tryphon in Tripoli has its course through time and history in the life of the city where we will try to record then with the desire to know the past and watch the progress of the future.

It was built a few years after the Revolution of 1821 by pious Tripolitsiotis to express their gratitude to God and St. Trifon the great gift received, the acquisition of freedom.

The Place on which the Temple was built by a rocky hill southwest and out several of the city, was named Big Stone. Here, then, in the hills of Peter the Great, built aperrito simple and without any architectural peculiarity in one room chapel of St. Tryphon and remained as deserted chapel of Tripoli where the function was taken care of the priests of the parish church of the Archangels of the city and operated only the festive day of the Feast, ie the 1st rd February each year.

But the church that Christians are united liked and cared for in groups to sprucing it and get rich with sacred utensils, books functionally and sacred images to be functional.

In the survey we found that in the chapel of Saint Tryphon, the year 1855, built the image of Christ the High Priest of Nafplio painter John Dimadi the expense Tripolitsioton group for mental benefits.

Also, in the ensuing years we see the interest of the faithful is evident, which again united in groups, depict images of the Temple, they pay the group and record spending on these names and invoke the help of God and the Saints and without realizing record and history of the church and the town.

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